Khao Jee

Khao Jee is a traditional food in Laos, Northeastern, and Northern Thailand. The method is to mix steamed sticky rice with a little salt. Then use hands to form a ball or oval. Skewers grilled on a charcoal stove. Then coat with egg and grill again until golden brown. flipping the sticky rice similar to toasting marshmallows. The grilled sticky rice will form a crispy outer layer while the center is hot and chewy.

Khao Jee 是老挝、东北部和泰国北部的传统食品。方法是混合将蒸好的糯米和少许盐,然后用手捏成圆形或椭圆形的球,在木炭炉上烤的串。在木炭炉上烤的串。然后涂上鸡蛋,再次烤至金黄色,烤糯米像烤棉花糖一样。烤好的糯米有酥脆的外层,而中心又热又耐嚼。

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